Expozitie la YellowBoot
- 16.11.2017

The “Brukenthal von Studio” group proposes the return to romantic atmosphere of the artist's studio, to decorative artistic product and
the artwork that can be taken home, collected, transmitted from generation to generation.
Although seemingly an easy way, the modern approach to classical patterns imposes, on one hand, the knowledge of the history of art, the
use of materials and techniques meant to resist tens, even hundreds of years, an introspective vision of the concept of art and its
representations in the collective subconscious. On the other hand, the exigency of integration into the contemporary requires knowledge of the
present trends and identifying the niche where traditional attitudes, experimental and innovation can coexist.
The art proposed by “Brukenthal von Studio” members follows the middle way, but not as a convenient option. The aim of the group is to
revive the desire for art, attracting the visitor audience from the contemplative area of the museum exhibition into the interactive area of the
exposed work that can be taken home.